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Patient Care Technicians are trained healthcare professionals who assist nurses and other medical staff in providing direct patient care. PCTs may be responsible for tasks such as taking blood pressure, drawing blood, and assisting with activities of daily living. They often work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or long-term care facilities. The role of a PCT is crucial in ensuring the comfort and well-being of patients under the supervision of registered nurses.

*Tuition may change without notice Financial assistance may be available to students who qualify. Request for financial assistance are made at the time the application is submitted. Information on financial assistance that is available will be forwarded to the applicant with the acceptance letter.


The school is licensed by the Board of Education and the Board of Nursing.

School catalog is available upon request.



Upon completion of this program, graduates will possess the skills and hands on experience needed to become entry level Patient Care Technicians, utilizing patient care skills in a variety of healthcare settings


The Patient Care Technician program is designed to train students in all of the relevant aspects of patient care, including personal care, physical comfort, diagnostic testing specifically electrocardiography, phlebotomy, home health care needs, providing post-operative care, geriatric care and other critical functions. Graduates of this program will be prepared to work at the entry level in hospitals, home health agencies, clinics, laboratories and other healthcare settings. Upon completion of this program students will receive a diploma. Student may begin working in their field of training as soon as their diploma is received.

Entrance Requirements
  • The applicant should present evidence of a high school diploma, or GED. Applicants must present evidence of graduation or GED prior to completion of the program of study.
  • Students, who have not completed high school or GED and are 17 years of age or older must demonstrate the ability to benefit from the program of instruction.
  • All applying students must complete an Enrollment Agreement.
  • Students receive a catalog at least one week before enrollment commences.
  • Jetmapp School of Nursing will keep records of prospective students denied admission for at least one year.
  • Prospective students, who were denied admission and would like to view their file, may submit a written request. Access to view the file will be granted within 24 hours of the request.
  • Students should have all immunizations up-to-date and a documented general medical physical form must be provided to the registrar’s office and will be kept in the student file prior to beginning the externship.

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