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10 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. First thank you again for Jetmapp school. The staff were as professional as one can be. I would like to recognize Ms. Joseph, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. George’s and Ms. Margaret. They were all extremely helpful during my journey. The knowledge of all of them combined was priceless. I’m a much more confident nurse since meeting them. I will cherish there thoughtfulness, care and time each one spent with me. Thank you.

  2. Recently started this program and on to my third class. So far classmates are very helpful and enthusiastic. Professors are supportive, lots of work so far but overall it’s a good experience.

  3. I am Fedeline Olibrice I’ve strive to achieve my Nursing degree for a while, i forth a long bottle to be where i am . Finally! Thanks to Ms Desmornes Miot Myrlene, I am able to understand questions and content. She strives to help each of her students reach their goals for RN/LPN license. For real!!! lady and gentlemen, this lady is amazing, not only her, the whole staff. I am a christian, but i really know how to really be a servant of God not until i have meet this lady.If your looking for someone or a christian environment to actually help you in your journey, please think of her, trust me you won’t regret it. May the Lord keep you all save and success

  4. My experience at Jetmapp was an overall positive one. It was a supportive environment and the staff and professors genuinely cared about your success. I was able to complete my program on time. My advice to any other students is to trust he process. Thanks again to everyone at Jetmapp that helped move the process along

  5. Praise the Lord,
    I passed my Nursing Assistant board exam. I went to Jetmapp School of Nursing to do my nursing assistant review course. The instructors are great and knowledgeable. Go to Jetmapp if you are looking for a good school. I also get a job with the help of the school.

    Thanks to Jetmapp I am now a certified nursing assistant.

  6. I love the school and the atmosphere. If you work hard and focus you can get through the nursing program. The instructors are really helpful and want you to pass the class. The environment of the labs was a great experience. We got to learn from each other and the professors. Doing clinical work I was very nervous at first, however when I got to the site I got informed and learned very important information. A great experience so happy I made the right choice.

  7. I’m a nursing student at Jetmapp School of Nursing. The instructors are great and I learn a lot from my clinical experiences. I recommend the school to anyone who is looking for a good nursing school.

  8. I will highly recommend Jetmapp school…the teachers was patient and well informed… excellent environment for learning very well equipped for clinicals … the administrator Ms Margaret was very kind and comforting…most importantly this school is faith base and bilingual friendly…

  9. I started Jetmapp Nursing School 2021. I am happy to say I have graduated and passed my exit exam with the help of this establishment and the teachers that were able to instill their knowledge on to me. I am grateful for the experience and encouragement others to partake in this program.

  10. Very great experience with my first clinical with the school. I’m currently in the RN Program, professors work with you admissions office goes above and beyond. Being an online student hasn’t been stressful, the schools technology is up to date and precise

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